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Reclaimed Wood
Go green by purchasing furniture made from reclaimed wood.
Customized Furniture
We provide quality, customized items that meets or exceeds expectations.
Quality Hand Crafted Products
We will create products that truly represents a unique personality and style.

About Handy Dandy

It is our promise to provide quality, customized items in a timely manner that meets or exceeds expectations.


As a fresh young couple embarking on their life together in their new home, Lazar and Leah wanted to create some furniture pieces that not only suited their rustic yet modern décor style, but also had the functionality and durability to meet their needs. Lazar is a country boy from Halifax, who has also resided in Calgary to experience life in the outdoors. He can definitely be described as a real ‘Handy Dandy’, as he is skilled in trade work, repair, and most importantly, woodworking. Lazars’ natural talent and passion for building has led him to creating custom rustic furniture pieces for friends and family. Leah is a city girl who enjoys expressing her creativity though design and adding a creative twist to furniture pieces. Together they have come together to create a line of furniture that will satisfy both the ‘country’ and ‘city’ in all of us.


It is Handy Dandy’s mission to provide our clients with high quality customizable furniture at affordable prices that won’t break the bank. We strive to provide a wide range of styles, stains and hardware options for clients to choose from to create a piece that truly represents a unique personality and style. Furthermore, it is our mission to respond to all client needs and concerns with an East Coast customer service flare.


We are at our most productive and happy selves when our home retreat is both visually pleasing and functional. Therefore, we at Handy Dandy understand the importance of delivering a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful. We specialize in rustic furniture and only select wood that is marked with character and uniqueness to highlight nature’s beauty. Adding one of our pieces to your home is sure to bring an added level of style and comfort.


Every piece manufactured by Handy Dandy is made in Canada from materials resourced in Ontario. It is our promise to provide quality, customized items in a timely manner that meets or exceeds expectations. We take client feedback very seriously and will not hesitate to accommodate our client’s needs in any way necessary.

General Inquiries

We take our customer care very seriously and will reply in a timely manner.
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